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OTIBR is a repository for the best reviews on the internet.

We are the best because we expect and demand the best from each other and from our review subjects. We analyze products strictly and adhere to very stringent standards to ensure that when we award a top score it means that product is good, damn good.

At OTIBR, we realize that a product cannot be analyzed in a vacuum. We all live in the same world and all our actions have the potential to affect all of us. As a result, the effect a product has on society at large is a component of our rating system. You’ll see this impact called “Social Benefit” in our reviews. It is our hope that a greater focus on a product’s standing within our society will lead to sustainable products and companies that work and live in unison with our environment, rather than against it.

We have multiple reviewers with different styles and passions and we know you’ll find all the information you’re looking for from one of us. If not, send us an e-mail and let us know so we can improve.

Our reviewers:


Adam is the grandfather of The 42nd Estate LLC, the parent company of OTIBR.com, with the hairline to prove it. Zing! He enjoys long rides on his bike, fresh food, alternative rock, underground hip-hop, Battlestar Galactica, blogging, and freedom.


Eddie is a totally cool comic book/video game/hardcore metal nerd who smokes way too much and should have a better job. He’s also the English major of the group, so feel free to pester him endlessly about any grammar mistakes!


John is the Lead Procrastinator of OTIBR, in addition to being an x-ray tech during the day. He enjoys jazz, foodling, and passing buses on his mid-eighties European road steel.


Josh is an ex college football star and future hall of fame fantasy sports dynamo. When he’s not playing, Josh enjoys rooting for the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots.

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