Twitter: Passing Fad or Useful Tool?

It seems the whole media world is abuzz about Twitter lately. It’s been mentioned on nearly every TV show and print publication and is utilized by a large majority of them too.

But is Twitter a useful tool or a passing fad?

Though many mainstream media sources portray Twitter as a place where people send out updates about the mundane details of their life, the reality is that the service is quite the opposite. The most successful use of Twitter is to share interesting stories and useful tips with fans, friends, customers and business partners.

I’ve met tons of great business contacts via Twitter and Tweetups (which are meetings in real life of Twitter users). I’ve also learned tons of information and stayed current with the latest trends in my industry, and seen breaking news in my city (Boston) and globally before it hits the mainstream media.

From my personal use with the service, it’s been a highly useful tool that’s helped me streamline multiple sources of information into one place where I can interact with that information and communicate easily with experts on that information.

I don’t think it’s a passing fad but at the same time it’s not a crucial tool for everyone and anyone to use.

Complete Score: 34.5 / 42 = 82%


A free tool that has the potential to enable quality relationships with fans, friends, customers, and business partners. The downside is Twitter suffers from downtime and lag.

Score: 4 / 5


The real-time nature of Twitter’s communication platform makes it a great way to gain information on the latest trends as they happen.

Score: 4 / 5


Twitter is not the first social media site, but combining social media with mobile technology with near instantaneous communication was a brilliant move that continues to reap benefits for Twitter and its ever expanding community.

Score: 5 / 5

Social Benefit

The potential to drive real-time news is apparent. During the airplane crash in the Hudson River and the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, many people received updated news from people on the scene.

Score: 4.5 / 5


I’m a big fan of Twitter. You can find me @AdamPieniazek. I genuinely feel it’s going to continue to grow in users. As more and more people tweet, the service becomes even more powerful. It’s a great tool for instant communication, learning new information, making new contacts and tracking trends and breaking news.

Score: 17 / 22

Complete Score: 34.5 / 42 = 82%

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