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Complete Score: 30.5 / 42 = 73%

Linkers Blog is a blog started by Danny Cooper to “help you build links, traffic and PageRank.” Recently the blog switched ownership to Donny Gamble, who promises to not only maintain the relationship Danny built with his readers but to also expand it. As any blogger or webmaster will tell you, inbound links are crucial to get traffic to your site and build authority. As the Linkers Blog is making a claim of authority on building links and positive rankings, let’s take a look at a few statistics before delving into the content and design of the blog.

Currently Linkers Blog has a PageRank of 3/10 and an Alexa Rank of 67, 504. Yahoo’s site explorer reports 6,072 inbound links. On Technorati, Linkers Blog ranks at 23, 643 and has an authority of 163. While not the most popular or authoritative blog on the internet, Linkers Blog’s stats are solid and since the site focuses on link building, the 6, 072 inbound links does give the site enough links to be able to discuss obtaining links from an authoritative perspective. As an example, my most popular blog, Prose of a Pol, has 5,652 inbound links.

The homepage for Linkers Blog
The homepage for Linkers Blog

It seems that there is a vast plethora of blogs out on the web right now whose goal is to help other bloggers. Many of these blog suffer from simply rehashing the advice found on professional bloggers’ sites. Linkers Blog differs from these other blogs about blogging by publishing unique content and unique tools to help webmasters develop inbound links to their site(s). Further, Linkers Blog actively utilizes its own advice which has helped it break into the top 100,00 of sites ranked by alexa and develop a good amount of links. The first question we must ask is does Linkers Blog have the authority to blog about this topic, and so far we see it does. Now, let’s move onto the actual content of Linkers Blog.

There’s a few posts in particular that we’ll analyze for this review of Linkers Blog. The first is Building Links in Difficult Niches. In this article, we are offered four strategies for building links when you blog about a topic that no one else blogs about. We’re told about article directories, where we can publish articles with links back to our blog. It’s a great strategy to expose your expertise to a wider audience, while also developing backlinks to your own site. Next, Linkers tells us to try guest posting. Even if our niche is very small we can quest post on a blog that is related to the overall category (for instance, if you blog about Volvo v90 cars you can quest post at a Volvo or car blog). Forums and link bait are also mentioned as methods to bring in links to your blog.

A key emphasis on Linkers Blog is the power of commenting on other blogs. Most blogs have an URL field to leave your site’s address. Also, when you comment on someone else’s blog in a productive way, that blogger will likely visit your blog and may even link out to you in a post! It’s a great method that takes a lot of work but is completely worth it as it serves the person leaving the comment, the blog receiving the comment and the community as a whole through increased discussion.

A few more posts worth mentioning here are:

There you have it folks. Just the links I’ve included in this review should keep you busy for days, if not weeks, building quality links back to your site. And there’s even more information on the rest of Linkers Blog to boot!


It’s free. Still, there’s the cost of navigating the site to find valuable information. On Linkers Blog, there’s a number of ways to easily find great content. There’s a popular posts section in the sidebar, as well as links at the top of the site to resource posts and link building posts. These three methods are a great way to allow readers to quickly find tips they can use.

Score: 4 / 5


Linkers Blog has a huge repository of information on how to build backlinks and a vigilant community that comments on its posts. Both points help define Linkers Blog as an excellent source of established and new ideas to use to build links to your site. It’s a great resource that I’ve used before and will likely continue to use.

Score: 4 / 5


As far as I can tell, Linkers Blog was the first (or at least one of the first) blogs to focus solely on creating backlinks to your blog. The site focuses on this one aspect of traffic generation and does so well. Linkers Blog is a fine example of choosing a niche and focusing all your energy towards building and sharing your expertise in that one niche. Having said that, not all of the information on Linkers Blog is exactly new, but it is not truly a detriment to the site. After all, if there is a great tip on how to build links to a site I would except to find it on Linkers Blog, even if Linkers did not come up with the idea all on their own.

Score: 3.5 / 5

Social Benefit

In particular, Linkers Blog’s emphasis on using comments to build links and consistently stating that writing good, relevant comments is the way to do so helps all bloggers. However, at the end of the day Linkers Blog is simply a blog built to help people build links. It’s not a site that will change the world but it might change your life.

Score: 3 / 5


I’m a fan of Linkers Blog and it’s helped me build links to my blogs and sites. A big unknown is how the change in ownership will affect the site, however, the information that is already there creates a solid foundation for anyone to build on.

Score: 16 / 22

Complete Score: 30.5 / 42 = 73%

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  1. i like the blog you have a link building strategy is good but i think i need more experience to do how to make blog linking..please help me i need more knowledge more opinions and ideas from some other people thnks

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