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Saints and Soldiers

Complete Score: 25 / 42 = 60%

A while back when I was forced to break my addiction to Generation Kill, I stumbled onto Hulu.com and saw a World War II movie by the name of Saints and Soldiers. It looked intriguing enough so I clicked through to the movie’s page. Once there, the positive reviews and comparisons to Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan hooked me in.

The film follows a few American soldiers who are captured by the Germans but escape during a shoot-out. While hiding out in a cabin they hear some chatter about a downed airplane and go off looking for the pilot. They find a British soldier caught in a tree who tells them he has some very, very, very important information to pass along to command central. So the group of Allies sets off to cross enemy lines and inform their counterparts.

Right off the bat, the film immerses you into the time period with a radio broadcast describing the aforementioned massacre. The film keeps you immersed with soldiers who look the part with weapons that look straight out of a Medal of Honor or Call of Duty video game. In other words, the weapons look real, the soldiers look real and the film has a 1940’s feel. At the end of the film we see that the producers used WWII re-enactors to play the roles of many of the soldiers and it shows in the authentic feel of the film.

Saints and Soldiers

The actual actors do a good job too and are believable as WWII era soldiers. The camaraderie between the group feels a bit forced, though this group did come together spontaneously so it shouldn’t feel as though they’ve been together for too long. One of the reviewers on hulu.com where I watched the film (for the low cost of about 5-6 minutes of commercials) mentioned the stereotype of the characters, where the four corners of the USA are represented and the fact that the French people in the movie are woman and children while the British soldier needs constant rescuing. To a certain extent it is true, however it does not ruin the movie.

The comparisons to Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan are off. Saints and Soldiers is a nice film with some cool action sequences but it is in no way great. It’s an entertaining movie, but you’ll have to suspend your belief as this rag tag group of 4-5 soldiers fights off tons and tons of German soldiers.

Towards the end of the film it does get a bit too preachy, especially for a war movie but it’s still a solid way to spend an hour and a half, especially if you watch it streaming via Hulu.


I viewed the film at Hulu for the cost of enduring a few commercials. It was a decent way to pass the time, though I personally would not purchase nor rent the film. Plus, the film was apparently shot for under $1 million so it’s a good value for everyone involved.

Score: 3.5 / 5


It’s good enough to draw you in and pass the time but it’s certainly not going to win any awards. The look of the film, however, is very well done and looks quite authentic.

Score: 3.5 / 5


Nothing new here. If you enjoy authentic World War II films you’ll like but not love this one.

Score: 1 / 5

Social Benefit

There’s some social commentary between the Mormon sniper and the atheist medic on the perils of war, but it’ honestly nothing we haven’t heard before. War is bad. If this movie was powerful enough to convince us to stop fighting it would get a good score here, but in the end it’s just a film and is not going to change the world. +.5 points for streaming it for free via Hulu though.

Score: 3 / 5


The movie gets big points for being streamed for free on Hulu and its use of WWII reenactors to fill out the supporting cast.

Score: 14 / 22

Complete Score: 25 / 42 = 60%

Watch Saints and Soldiers for free below (you can enable full-screen after the commercials):