The Education of a Coach

Complete Score: 2 / 42 = 5%

The Education of a Coach is a biography about Bill Belichick written by David Halberstam. I purchased this book from Border’s at the CambridgeSide Galleria hoping to learn more about the genius’ coaching techniques and how he managed to stay fresh with ideas winning three Super Bowl’s in a matter of four years. As a huge Pats fan and an even bigger Belichick fan I was sadly disappointed when I got about halfway through the book realizing it simply was just a biography. The book went on talking about how Belichick grew up in PA played high school ball (not so well to add) and how he went from job to job before he landed the head coaching position in Titletown. After a while I simply got bored and stopped reading it. It was absolutely boring and I learned nothing new about football. What a waste of money.


For $14 from Border’s I wasted three days of breakfast from Dunkin’ Donuts on my way to work. Not so expensive for a book, but a book that had nothing that I wanted or expected from it is very upsetting, especially when your bills add up to over a grand a month.

Score: 1 / 5


When describing the quality of this book, I must say that it is a glossy shiny cover and is a strong paperback book…obviously I’m joking about that. When it comes to the quality of the reading, Halberstam writes well but it was long, drawn out and boring. Not to my liking at all.

Score: 1 / 5


This seems very tough to judge when you ask yourself how a book can be innovative. Although Belichick is the master of second half adjustments and has made defensive changes in the game that shocked the world in 2002, Halberstam is lacking in that department. The only way this book truly altered my life was by making my wallet $14 lighter, BOO to that!

Score: 0 / 5

Social Benefit

What is the social benefit of this book? It gave me a reason to write about it. This was by far one of the worst purchases I have ever made. Don’t get me wrong, Belichick and the Patriots are great, but a boring, drawn out, life long story of the most monotonic, dry, sheltered man was not my idea of a good time.

Score: 0 / 5


As I have clearly stated, this book was a waste of $14 that I could have spent elsewhere. My loyalty still lies with Belichick and the Patriots but I was hoping that this book had what I was looking for.

Score: 0 / 22

The Education of a Coach is available in hardcover and paperback.

Complete Score: 2 / 42 = 5%

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