Slacker Uprising: No More Michael Moore

Complete Score: 4 / 42 = 9.5%

On September 23rd, Michael Moore released his latest film for free via internet streams and downloads. Further, he’s given blanket permission for people to do whatever they wish with the film, even sell it for profit. Having just watched the documentary, it’s apparent why he’s giving it away for free, Slacker Uprising is fracking awful. Moore proclaims on the film’s website that “…you can charge admission or ask for a donation if it’s to raise money for a candidate, a voter drive, or for any non-profit or educational purpose. In other words — it’s yours!”

Well, Michael Moore, I don’t want it, please keep it the hell away from me. Never before have I wished for the Men in Black memory erasing device as much as I do now. If only Michael Moore’s blanket open permission allowed me to remove this film from the universe.


Well, it is free. If you are uber-bored and desperately want to see moving pictures on a screen for an hour and a half, please don’t watch this film. I recommend anything from hulu or just watching your screen-saver instead. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, give this film a shot, it knocked me out a few times.

There’s no educational value, no activism and no investigation of voter fraud or election corruption. This film holds little value outside of its free distribution methods.

Score: 1 / 5


It’s the first time I’ve awarded a product a zero in any category on OTIBR and Slacker Uprising deserves every piece of that null value. Please, do not get the wrong impression, I am by no means a Republican. Nor am I a Democrat. I’m registered as an independent and plan on voting for Ralph Nader. I am not opposed to the political views expressed in the movie, it’s zero score is purely because this documentary is just plain bad. I went in expecting a look at the voter fraud occurring during the 2004 elections and instead got a lot of Michael Moore encouraging others to do stuff while other people spread the gospel of Michael Moore and his awesomeness. We get it Michael, other celebrities think you’re cool and you desperately need to show the world their validation of you.

Michael Moore thinks Michael Moore is #1
Michael Moore thinks Michael Moore is #1

When the film isn’t celebrating Michael Moore, it’s hating on George W. Bush. Look, I hate George W. Bush as much as any other self respecting liberal leaning independent, but this film is simply too much. Over and over and over Moore and others bash Bush but offer little to no praise of Kerry or any other Democrat. There’s no real alternatives mentioned. No one discusses how to fix the country or how to convince Republicans to switch their vote or anything besides a lot of Bush bashing and a lot of promoting the great hype that the Democrats are not the Republicans.

Moore shows a lot of appreciation for the armed forces in this movie, but who does not appreciate what our soldiers do for us? I for one have a great difficulty seeing myself in uniform and immensely appreciate that we have people volunteer for what amounts to one of the toughest jobs on this planet so that we don’t have to. I would have loved to seen a movie all about the troops and their opposition to the war. This film does not do so, but rather skims the issue. Our troops rock, Slacker Uprising does not.

Score: 0 / 5


A new level of awful. One point for inventing a documentary so bad, so self-loving that it’s not worth the price of free. In all sincerity, Moore deserves a little bit of credit for releasing his move for free streaming and via download online. He’s not the first person to release a movie for free but he’s one of the biggest. Hopefully it starts a new trend amongst artists who are already financially set and wish to give back to their fans and society.

Score: 2 / 5

Social Benefit

I’ll give Michael Moore credit where he deserves it. While filming this documentary, he did get people excited to vote and helped register voters. But, by the same token, George W. Bush’s terrible presidency also encouraged people to register and vote so we can’t give either party too much credit.

Michael Moore's Biggest Fan
Apparently Moore does not like this guy

In traveling the country Michael Moore also released a ridiculous amount of pollution into the air. It seemed he was flying a jet for a big portion of this film, and towards the actual election day seemed to criss-cross the country multiple times. At the end of the day, despite all of Michael Moore’s ranting and raving, John Kerry still lost the election. In other words, the Democrats had four failed years of the Bush doctrine, a war hero presidential candidate, a liberally loved Michael Moore supporting them and actively seeking voters for the Democrats and still, the Democrats lost.

Not only did they lose the election, but they also lost the fight for democracy. Little effort was made by the Democrats to combat the massive election fraud, voter suppression and the purge of registered voters. I was expecting a documentary discussing the voter frauds that occurred in Ohio to steal the election for George W. Bush but instead got a lot of Michael Moore’s self love fest and then some more Michael Moore.

Score: 1 / 5


Aside from the bump in voter registration, I can’t find one redeeming quality about this film. Sure there were some musical performances, but none of them were very good. I’m a fan of Eddie Vedder and Tom Morello but they come across very flat in this film. What was the deal with that guy singing about Al Gore? Why do the Democrats love losing?

Hey, it's Eddie Vedder!
Hey, it's Eddie Vedder!

This film is just too bizarre and yet boring. I considered giving it a point or two in the freestyle section for the benefit of registering voters but I can’t in good faith encourage Michael Moore. As apart of the slacker generation targeted, this movie is of great insult to my intelligence and my passion for this country. Michael Moore repeatedly yells at people to get off the coach and vote, well Michael please take a look in the mirror, get off the jet, get on a bicycle and stop yelling at everyone else.

No more Michael Moore, no more.

Score: 0 / 22

Download or stream Slacker Uprising for free at If for some reason you must own this train wreck, Slacker Uprising is available on DVD at (Note, is our affiliate).

Fahrenheit 9/11 was great, Slacker Uprising needs to be burned.

Complete Score: 4 / 42 = 9.5%

11 thoughts on “Slacker Uprising: No More Michael Moore”

  1. I actually enjoyed Sicko and Fahrenheit 9/11, though you’re right Justin, those movies were quite biased. Still, those films at least showed a perspective not usually broadcast by mainstream media.

    Sicko made a good argument that there are certainly many areas of the U.S. health system that could be improved (like the 46 million uninsured Americans). Fahrenheit 9/11 showed that the Patriot Act was rushed through and that we should pay attention instead of just giving out our blind patriotism.

    Slacker Uprising though is just pointless. My brain literally shut off multiple times during the movie as a self defense mechanism.

  2. Slacker Uprising was definitely not one of his better documentaries. Although, I think the sole purpose of the video was met. Those purposes I assume were to not be educational, and basically dumb it down for the general population, and to motivate them to vote. Well the voting was accomplished, and even idiots can understand the need.

    given the difference between this documentary and his previous ones, it seems that the style change was intentional; although, not optimal for his more intelligent followers.

    thanks for the review.

  3. True crackgerbal (what a name by the way), but in the end I think his goal was to get more people to vote for his guy (Kerry) in an effort to get his guy to win. By that standard he failed. Thanks for the well thought out comment.

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