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Server Moves and Prez Reviews

As you might have noticed, we’ve been having some uptime issues the past few days but fear not we’re currently in the process of moving to bigger, better, faster servers. A few of our sites are already up and running on the new servers with much improved speed and stability.

Also, we should have reviews of Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Cynthia McKinney up and live later today or early tomorrow. Thanks for sticking with us during the move and hopefully we won’t be down for too long during the move.

Blog Action Day 2008: Fight Poverty with Bicycles

We here at OTIBR recognize Blog Action Day as a great way for the blogosphere to impact the world positively. Consider our review of Bikes not Bombs as our unofficial contribution for Blog Action Day 2008. We look at Bikes not Bombs as an ideal model for organizations to follow and as such have awarded Bikes not Bombs our highest score yet, a 93% with a perfect social benefit score. Bicycles are an ideal machine for fighting poverty, as they can be used for cheap transport and to generate renewable power.